The Osirian Wisdom

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                                                        The Osirian Wisdom

“With all thy getting, get Wisdom!” A profound statement, but where is wisdom to be found? Through the ten Solar Ages, known as or referred to as The Olympic Ages, references the ten Ages of symbol worship, and Olympic also refers to the perfection of the bodily form of man, the truth of the High Self of each individual was hidden amidst the symbolic devices of parable, myth, and world legends. All symbols and myths were created by Hermes, the great Magician, in order to keep humanity moving toward an understanding of the Divine and quell the barbaric man who would have misused the power that such knowledge bestows.

“From out of the same Cup, both Wisdom and Vanity ( Myth ) are poured,” in reference to the right and left hands of the Creator. The right hand representing the unveiled Wisdom of The High Self, and the left hand of the Creator represents the veiled symbolism of religious worship which hides the truth of the Second Self. Religion pollutes the spirit of truth by teaching the Little Mysteries of Symbolism while the Great Mysteries teach the spirituous truths and principles hidden beneath the symbols. It has been the function of The Church to teach The Little Mysteries which creates Holy Magic by veiling the spirituous principles in symbols, hiding their true meaning. As a result, the Little Mysteries have the power to beguile and hypnotize the consciousness of humanity, keeping it focused in the lower self, creating a somnambulistic sleep state by promulgating the symbol and not the principles.

Hidden within the parables of the Holy Bible are the Osirian Principles or Covenant ( a covenant means an agreement; an agreement with the High or Second Self ) that promotes wakefulness in Cosmic Consciousness and assists in connecting to one’s own High Self within. So what are these principles of Osirian Wisdom and where is his covenant to be found?

Before delving into his covenant, it worthwhile to examine the name Osiris. It is potent in its meaning and numerological vibration in that words and names are a conductance of truth in the essence of their vibratory meaning, just as one’s own name reveals the true essence of one’s soul. The first letter ‘O’ is the circle of Infinity, ‘Sir’ a title still used to address an individual, and ‘Is’ meaning the present tense of the verb to be. Thus, his name means, ‘Ancestor God is Present.’ While the numerological vibration which is found by adding the numbers associated with each letter together to a final digit culminates in 8 or the symbol of Infinity: O/6 + S/1+ I/9+ R/9+I/9+S/1= 35=3+5=8.The number eight signifies balance and power, and is also associated with justice. In the myths, he is referred to as the God of the Underworld, but in Truth he is the Ancestor God of Wisdom of the first Aquarian Age, being the Avatar or Lightbringer of the first two thousand Age of the Solar Epoch of twenty-four thousand years.

His Wisdom is be found in his covenant which is the Great Pyramid of Gizeh, Egypt, the first designated Bible in stone, and is closely associated with the Sphinx, which represents the first Son-God, Osiris, the originator of the Great Mystery teachings. The root meaning of Osiris is Christ, which means Wisdom.  The very design and measurements of the Great Pyramid is a veritable depository of mathematical calculations simulating Cosmic Laws and Cycle of time. The laws and principles of the Wisdom Covenant are aligned with the Solar Cycle and our planetary system. All of the calculations of this edifice are measurements of the Solar year as well as the planetary ellipses around the sun. Specifically, the measurements of the Earth, it’s diameter, radius, circumference seasonal cycles of the equinoxes and solstices, are calculated in the design of this amazing structure. Humankind is linked to the Great Pyramid by the four major bio-rhythmic cycles, represented in the four socket stones at the four corners of the pyramid. Mankind goes through four bio-rhythmic cycles” a 23 day physical cycle, 28 day emotional/menstrual cycle (based on the lunar cycle), 33 day intellectual, and a 40 day periodicity cycle.

So why would the ancients design an architectural marvel incorporating the dimensions of our solar system? If you’ll recall from previous blogs, the number twelve establishes the Unity of the Whole through its progression of number. Quoting Hermes, ‘As above, so below,’ and ‘the small is like the large,’ the solar/planetary system corresponds to the Cosmic Laws and Patterns of the Greater Universe,demonstrating through their mathematics the Unity of the Whole. All sciences are proofed through mathematics, be they the physical natural sciences or the metaphysical sacred sciences such as astrology which is totally based in mathematics. Thus, by creating a structural model in its design and measurements which correspond to the Mathematics of the Whole, the builders wisely made a depository of mathematical wholeness in stone. As a result, the pyramid is an amplifier of Universal Energy by its very numbers and design.

The ancients wisely based the unit of measure on which the Great Pyramid was built on the pyramidal inch which is equal to 1.001th of our standard inch. Thus, the one inch mono-line is the Aquarian symbol for Wisdom, indicating the Unity of the One, just as the perpendicular lines of the Cross were the emblematic representation of the Piscean Age of Jesus Christ, showing the Truth was broken or hidden in symbolism and parable. The twelve inch ruler of measurement is in keeping with the 12 Solar Ages, comprising the Grand Solar Epoch of twenty-four thousand years, with the 12 signs of the zodiac, the twelve months of of the year, and the 12 cranial nerves of huwomankind.

Hence, there are twelve Cosmic Laws and Principles comprising the Wisdom of the Waterbearer of the Aquarian Age. Water is a symbol for Universal Spiritual Energy or Chi which can take on any form; a liquid, solid or gaseous state, just as Universal Spirit Energy can be in a myriad of states and forms. The Waterbearer of Aquarius, represented in the Sphinx, is the dispenser of divine knowledge of this Second Aquarian Age. And where is Wisdom to be found? It is hidden amidst the parables of the Holy Bible. The Bible being a compilation of symbols and myths from the preceding ten Olympic Ages, gathered together in the last and final covenant of parabolic symbolism where the Truth lies hidden. It is through the reproof of the Holy Parables of the Bible that the spirituous consciousness of Jesus is reborn and Osiris as well by resurrecting from Symbolism, the Cosmic Laws and Principles hidden there, revealing through the mathematics of the Great Pyramid, the very Essence of the Creator Himself. The Great Pyramid is a model of the Earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy, and of Man… “And All things are as One.” – Hermes Trismegistus


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