The Grand Pattern

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The Grand Pattern

What is the link that connects the twelve Solar Ages, each lasting two thousand years, in the Grand Solar Epoch of twenty-four thousand years, to that of our nature world? Why isn’t our Solar Epoch more or less? And why is it that our calendar year consists of twelve months and not some other number? Why is twelve half a day and twenty-four hours marks a day? There is a common thread that is found between the Solar Wheel of twelve Ages with the calendar cycle of the twelve month year. Just as there is a notable connection with a foot on a ruler comprised of twelve inches or twelve making a dozen. There is a grand pattern that repeats itself on many levels demonstrating the Unity of the Whole.

To quote Hermes, “As above so below, as within so without, the small is like the large, and All things are as One.” Twelve is a key number in the Grand Pattern that repeats itself over and over on many levels. Since the One is All there Is, the One can only recreate Itself to produce the negative polarity or recreative aspect of Itself in its feminine form. Hence, when the One joins with Itself in the feminine aspect of the Two, it creates an offspring in the Three, but in Truth, the One is the Three. So with the number twelve, when the 1 is added to the 2, it equals 3. Thus, twelve signifies the Unity of Whole being One.

It was the one inch measurement that was the mathematical unit utilized in the building of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh, which is a true emblem of Wisdom, for in its very construction are the mathematical measurements of our Solar System; the distances of the planets to the Sun, their elipses, the weight, diameter, radius of the Earth, etc., calculating all the mathematical vitae of our Planetary Solar System in its very design and construction. A veritable depository in stone of the Solar System calculations, showing the Unity of the Whole through its mathematics. The Masons, a fraternal order of mystics, whose ultimate goal is Self Realization in Enlightenment, were very much aware of this significance, utilizing the Pyramid with the All Seeing Eye of Wisdom at its apex in their regalia, and representing their order with the mathematical carpenter’s square and ruler, citing the Great Architects plan demonstrating the Unity of the Whole through the cosmic and natural order of the Grand Pattern.

The ancient civilization of the Mayans built their temples in pyramidal shapes in alignment with the Solar Cycle marking the solstices and equinoxes in their design construction. Being well aware that the sun played an important role not only in its life giving forces, but also its significance in cyclical order showing the Universe as unified in its wholeness.

Elements of the Grand Pattern are to be found within the human form also, linking humanity to the cosmos in a unique manner. “The small is like the large.” The heart center is likened to the Sun in the bodily form with the blood circulating the life principle through the organs representing the planets. There are twelve cranial nerves in the brain corresponding to the solar ages of the solar epoch. So mankind is a miniature of the Universal Whole, made in God’s Image; a duplicate of the Grand Pattern of the Universal, with each part of the human form being associated with one of the twelve signs of the zodiac – “As above, so below.”

Another interesting connection to note is the spirituous Covenant (Agreement) that is brought forth in this last Solar Age of the Solar Epoch, being the Second Aquarian Age, is given in twelve principles, each principle representing a spirituous aspect of the Universal Matrix of the Divine Solar Epoch. The vibratory names of these twelve principles are paramount in connecting to the Universal Creator at this time, since everything , including the final and last spirituous covenant, evolves unto mastery in this last and final Age of the Solar Wheel. With all thy getting, get Wisdom!


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