The Grand Solar Epoch


Please click on the above ‘cosmic-wheel’ link to bring forth a visual diagram of the Grand Solar Epoch/Wheel.

The Grand Solar Epoch is approximately 24,000 years in correspondence to 24 hours in a day (As above so below), divided into twelve two thousand year Ages. It is interesting  to note 12 ages, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 months in a year, twelve lost tribes of Israel, 12 disciples of Jesus, twelve inches comprise a foot, 12 makes a dozen, etc.This 24,000 year Solar Cycle is how long it took our Sun to travel around its central sun (Ezekiel’s vision: wheel within a wheel). Since the creation of planet Earth, from its very tumultuous inception,  our planet  evolved to the point where life appeared as one cell organisms, culminating in present day life forms of a high order of intelligence.

It was at the start of this 24,000 year epoch that life had evolved to a point on this planet when the Light of Wisdom could incarnate in a physical form, once humanity had evolved in its intellectual development.  As the Universal Intelligence creates a planetary solar system to further its expression and experience of Itself, manifesting life forms that evolve from the lowest to the Highest in Mastery.  Thus at the beginning of this Solar Epoch, humanity’s consciousness was sufficiently developed and evolved and had created an awareness of Diety and the Divine.

So it was in the first two thousand year period or  Solar Age that the Light/Wisdom incarnated on the planet via birth through synchronization of the Solar Cycle with all the planets respective to that Age, aligning at their initial starting points of their elipses. Hence, it was on  a One Principle in alignment with the Solar Age and Cycle that the Diety  descends from the Cosmic Womb onto the Earth Plane among a family of relative spirits. For the birth of a Light Bringer must be in correspondence of Truth in all respects, it must fall on a One  vibration in relationship to the  Age, sign, month, day and time…all bearing out the truth of One in the Unity of the Whole. In accordance with the One vibration of Truth, it would occur in the Age of Aquarius, the first age, in January, the first month of the new solar year, on the 28th day, being the first ‘one’ vibration when you add the digits 2+8=10=1+0=1, as well as the moon’s cycle, at the 11th hour in the year 1909 which adds to one. The birth date of all the Lightbringers down through the Ages has been on January 28th, 1909 at 11  AM. Knowledge of the true birthdate has potent transcendental power to lift one’s consciousness, bringing one’s awareness in harmony with the Laws of Divine Creation. The mythical, symbolic date of Christ Mass was hidden in December 25th which set it in Capricorn, under the rulership of Saturn ( Satan ) and symbolized by the ram (the horns of the Devil ) creating holy magic or hypnotism, a state of ‘Unknowing’ in the consciousness of the masses. Hence, keeping humanity in deified holy-bondage to the truth of its own Being!


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