Down Through the Ages

Max Planx, the father of modern physics stated, “There is a great intelligence behind all this is.” Coming from a scientist that is a very telling statement, since the proof of any science is in its mathematics. The Great Intelligence he was speaking about might also be referred to as the Universal Mind, the Creator, Source, or simply It! By whatever term it’s given does little to alter the fact that it exists in its threefold aspects: omnipresent (present everywhere), omniscient ( all knowing) and omnipotent ( all powerful).

The Great Intelligence is liken to a matrix of all potential thought in that it encompasses all, is all, and is infinite in every respect. The great Hermetic axiom promulgated by Hermes, further illuminates aspects of this Great Intelligence:

“As above, so below

As within, so without

The small is like the large

And All things are as One.”

Our Solar System with its planetary rotations around the Sun, similar to the pattern found in the atom (small is like the large) demonstrates via mathematics, the unity of the whole through the numerological calculations of the solar and planetary cycles. The ancients were aware of this significance. Construction of their temples and pyramids were in alignment to the stars marking the equinoxes and solstices of the solar cycle. Our seasonal calendar being based on the Solar cycle, marks off the Solar passage from Darkness (Winter Solstice) into Light (Summer Equinox), or from ‘Unknowing into Knowing,’ while our holidays are linked to the solar and lunar cycles, Easter being the first Sunday after the Spring Equinox after the first full moon ( as above, so below).

Each year the Solar cycle of our seasonal calendar progresses through the astronomical zodiac of the heavens with much profound meaning. The Infinite Universal Intelligence demonstrates its current manifestation of being, via the energy that is poured forth through the planetary aspects of the Solar system in relation to place and time. This is the true significance of the science of astrology. The demonstration of the potential thought (consciousness) energy as it’s currently manifesting in the world. The planets represent various energy thought forms that are found in specific placement or ‘houses’ which represent where the energy potential is operating and as it interacts with certain ‘aspects’ or influences of other planets and signs. How the energy is affected by its position in the grand zodiac reflects how, when and what is transpiring on the world stage, in  one’s life, or even for a place, business or event. A chart shows the potential energy emanating from the matrix of Universal Intelligence. Since free will is operative, the astrological influences are not causative, but rather a signpost or signal as to how to proceed or wait in any given situation, depending on if the operating energies are favorable or not.

The true meaning of the Solar Cycle through its annual journey of the zodiac tells of the journey of each soul as it progresses from a state of unknowing and Darkness into an awareness of Self, into the Light and Knowing. And similarly, the Biblical stories of Jesus’ life are symbolic representations of each soul’s progression into Self Realization of the Christ ( Wisdom ) within, from the birth of the soul in a lowly manger ( the lower self), wandering in unknowing (of Self) in the desert…lack of ‘water’ (Wisdom), and coming into a Christ state of Enlightenment via the crucifixion (of the lower self).

How did humanity become so hood-winked into thinking the earth plane is the only reality and plane of existence? Quite simply in a word: cursed. A curse is to inflict harm or punishment and that’s exactly what transpired in ancient times when the truth of Cosmic Consciousness in realization of the Self within became hidden in allegorical myths, legends, symbols and parable of the various religions that evolved over time. This began in the second solar age of the Grand Solar Epoch ( a period of twenty- four thousand years) with Hermes, the Great Magician, who created the first symbolic representations of Universal Intelligence via a picture book called The Tarot. When the word tarot is placed on a circle it become rota or wheel. When Eziekel had his illumination he commented he saw “a wheel within a wheel.”

Humanity has become so hypnotized and mesmerized by the technology of Magog  (Unknowing mind-set) that it has failed to realize that huwomankind is a three-fold being, with each individual having three selves: a low (Ego) self, a subconscious self, and a High Self. This has been the function of religion, to hide the truth of the High Self from the consciousness of the masses. The purpose of the church was to teach the Little Mysteries or the symbol, but not to give knowledge of the Great Mysteries which are the Spirituous Principles and ancient sciences hidden beneath the symbols. In fact, it was the function of the church to put to death as a heretic, anyone possessing knowledge of the higher spirituous laws and truths. Fortunately, these ten Ages of Symbolic Religion, interestingly referred to as the Olympian Ages ( meaning ten) or the Lords of Hosts, are now over. We have entered into the enlightening Age of Aquarius in which all that has been hidden down through the Ages is being revealed.


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