Cursed with a Curse

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Humanity has been cursed with a curse. A dire statement to be sure, but upon examination it will become apparent what this truly means. Ages ago, at the beginning of the Solar Epoch, twenty-four thousand years ago, the time it takes our sun to travel around its sun, the planet witnessed the coming of the first Avatar during the first Age of Aquarius, a two thousand year period. Osiris was the first predestinate Avatar and Lightbringer and since words are a conductance of truth, Osiris’ name reveals his true identity. ‘O’ being a symbol for Infinity, ‘sir’ a title still used to address another, and the present tense of the verb to be, ‘is’, meaning ‘ancestor God is present.’ To further verify the truth of his being, his covenant is found in the Great Pyramid of Gizah,  a repository in stone of all the mathematical vita of our solar system; the ellipses of the planets around the sun, the dimensions of the Earth, etc. are all calculated into the very measurements of the Great Pyramid. The Unity of the Whole is demonstrated in the mathematics of the Solar System; hidden behind the numbers are the sacred principles of geometry and creativity, and these very measurements are calculated in the dimensions and structure of the Great Pyramid, which in truth is a depository in stone of Universal Wisdom. Hence, throughout the first Aquarian Age the truth of Cosmic Consciousness and Enlightenment was expounded by the ancients savants in the Great Pyramid, the first Mystery Temple, via the initiation of personages of high rank, usually kings and queens who had the responsibility of ruling great nations. This was an age of relative harmony and peace.

The next two thousand year Age was that of Capricorn ruled over by Hermes. Hermetic continues to mean ‘to seal off or close.’ And that was Hermes’ calling as Avatar of the second Age of the Solar Epoch. He took the Universal teachings of Osiris and hid them in symbols, creating the great mythogenesis of allegorical myths and symbols, referred to as The Tarot, a picture book of the Universal Matrix or Mind, thus ‘sealing off’ the truth in symbols. Knowing that the masses would always want to know their fortune and gamble to try their luck, the Wisdom was cunningly hidden in The Tarot from which our playing cards are descended. Thus, symbol worship was created in the representations which were passed on through subsequent Ages under the guise of the various religions which evolved through each of the Ages, ruled by an Avatar in sync with the zodiacal influence of the Age and designated to bring forth a Religious Symbolic Covenant in conjunction with the Age and Spiritual Principle manifesting during the course of that respect two thousand year period. Symbolic religious ceremonies and practices known as the ‘Little Mysteries’ were expounded down through the Ages, keeping humanity moving toward and ever increasing awareness of the Creator, but keeping the most important aspects of the Divine Self hidden amidst symbols, allegories, myths and world legends. This was the purpose of the church to teach the symbol and not the principle truths and sadly many innocent souls who had knowledge of the higher spiritual aspects were burned at the stake  as witches and heretics and put to death, as that was the function of the Church in teaching only the Little Mysteries ( of unknowing ), but not the Great Mysteries of Spirituous Laws and Principles.

Now that the zodiacal wheel has come full circle,  currently in this second and last Age of Aquarius, which like the first Age of Aquarius at the start of the Great Solar Epoch 24 thousand years ago, signals the Age of the Water Bearer, the symbol of Aquarius, hence the bearer of Wisdom, revealing all that has been hidden in religious symbolism. However, to continue to worship the old symbols and practices in an Age of Wisdom and Enlightenment, creates and brings a discordant and chaotic vibration of unknowing and destructive negativity down on the heads of the very worshipers who believe in the Letter of the Law but are asleep to the Spirituous Principles manifest behind the symbols. Hence the Curse or deadly harm that is rapidly increasing on the face of the Earth at this time is due to religious symbol worship, causing heinous crimes, diseases, terrorism and extreme weather, including the rampant fires which are uncontrollably decimating the land. It is parabolic sorcery that must be reproved to show the hidden truth behind the symbols and stop the mouths from spreading parabolic guile in this Age of Enlightenment to end this terrible curse of religious symbolism.

With all thy getting, get Wisdom!









One thought on “Cursed with a Curse

  1. This began in the second solar age of the Grand Solar Epoch ( a period of twenty- four thousand years) with Her. – I had to read this several times because my first impression was that this did not begin until a second grand cycle was initiated but then realized the reference to the Solar Cycle was that of the Host Age of Capricorn to which we have been held hostage to the great deception of the true self. I found the preamble rich and inviting.


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