Purposeful Intent: Posts on this site will hopefully give one food for thought as well as the soul in an attempt to shed light on many subjects long hidden amidst secretive symbols, allegories, world myths and parables. So what is it that’s been mysteriously veiled and kept deliberately hidden from the knowledge and understanding of the masses? In a word: Self. But I know myself you may be thinking; I know who I am, my likes and dislikes, fears, judgements and aspirations. No, that is not the self being referenced here, rather one’s true and Divine Self, which is quite a horse of a different color! So how did we get so mesmerized by our lower self into thinking that’s all there is…the constant cravings for more of everything and anything that one thinks will provide fulfillment and give satiety? In a word: cursed. Curse is the power to inflict harm or punishment. And that is the very essence of a symbol that hides the truth of Self from awareness.


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