The Osirian Wisdom

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                                                        The Osirian Wisdom

“With all thy getting, get Wisdom!” A profound statement, but where is wisdom to be found? Through the ten Solar Ages, known as or referred to as The Olympic Ages, references the ten Ages of symbol worship, and Olympic also refers to the perfection of the bodily form of man, the truth of the High Self of each individual was hidden amidst the symbolic devices of parable, myth, and world legends. All symbols and myths were created by Hermes, the great Magician, in order to keep humanity moving toward an understanding of the Divine and quell the barbaric man who would have misused the power that such knowledge bestows.

“From out of the same Cup, both Wisdom and Vanity ( Myth ) are poured,” in reference to the right and left hands of the Creator. The right hand representing the unveiled Wisdom of The High Self, and the left hand of the Creator represents the veiled symbolism of religious worship which hides the truth of the Second Self. Religion pollutes the spirit of truth by teaching the Little Mysteries of Symbolism while the Great Mysteries teach the spirituous truths and principles hidden beneath the symbols. It has been the function of The Church to teach The Little Mysteries which creates Holy Magic by veiling the spirituous principles in symbols, hiding their true meaning. As a result, the Little Mysteries have the power to beguile and hypnotize the consciousness of humanity, keeping it focused in the lower self, creating a somnambulistic sleep state by promulgating the symbol and not the principles.

Hidden within the parables of the Holy Bible are the Osirian Principles or Covenant ( a covenant means an agreement; an agreement with the High or Second Self ) that promotes wakefulness in Cosmic Consciousness and assists in connecting to one’s own High Self within. So what are these principles of Osirian Wisdom and where is his covenant to be found?

Before delving into his covenant, it worthwhile to examine the name Osiris. It is potent in its meaning and numerological vibration in that words and names are a conductance of truth in the essence of their vibratory meaning, just as one’s own name reveals the true essence of one’s soul. The first letter ‘O’ is the circle of Infinity, ‘Sir’ a title still used to address an individual, and ‘Is’ meaning the present tense of the verb to be. Thus, his name means, ‘Ancestor God is Present.’ While the numerological vibration which is found by adding the numbers associated with each letter together to a final digit culminates in 8 or the symbol of Infinity: O/6 + S/1+ I/9+ R/9+I/9+S/1= 35=3+5=8.The number eight signifies balance and power, and is also associated with justice. In the myths, he is referred to as the God of the Underworld, but in Truth he is the Ancestor God of Wisdom of the first Aquarian Age, being the Avatar or Lightbringer of the first two thousand Age of the Solar Epoch of twenty-four thousand years.

His Wisdom is be found in his covenant which is the Great Pyramid of Gizeh, Egypt, the first designated Bible in stone, and is closely associated with the Sphinx, which represents the first Son-God, Osiris, the originator of the Great Mystery teachings. The root meaning of Osiris is Christ, which means Wisdom.  The very design and measurements of the Great Pyramid is a veritable depository of mathematical calculations simulating Cosmic Laws and Cycle of time. The laws and principles of the Wisdom Covenant are aligned with the Solar Cycle and our planetary system. All of the calculations of this edifice are measurements of the Solar year as well as the planetary ellipses around the sun. Specifically, the measurements of the Earth, it’s diameter, radius, circumference seasonal cycles of the equinoxes and solstices, are calculated in the design of this amazing structure. Humankind is linked to the Great Pyramid by the four major bio-rhythmic cycles, represented in the four socket stones at the four corners of the pyramid. Mankind goes through four bio-rhythmic cycles” a 23 day physical cycle, 28 day emotional/menstrual cycle (based on the lunar cycle), 33 day intellectual, and a 40 day periodicity cycle.

So why would the ancients design an architectural marvel incorporating the dimensions of our solar system? If you’ll recall from previous blogs, the number twelve establishes the Unity of the Whole through its progression of number. Quoting Hermes, ‘As above, so below,’ and ‘the small is like the large,’ the solar/planetary system corresponds to the Cosmic Laws and Patterns of the Greater Universe,demonstrating through their mathematics the Unity of the Whole. All sciences are proofed through mathematics, be they the physical natural sciences or the metaphysical sacred sciences such as astrology which is totally based in mathematics. Thus, by creating a structural model in its design and measurements which correspond to the Mathematics of the Whole, the builders wisely made a depository of mathematical wholeness in stone. As a result, the pyramid is an amplifier of Universal Energy by its very numbers and design.

The ancients wisely based the unit of measure on which the Great Pyramid was built on the pyramidal inch which is equal to 1.001th of our standard inch. Thus, the one inch mono-line is the Aquarian symbol for Wisdom, indicating the Unity of the One, just as the perpendicular lines of the Cross were the emblematic representation of the Piscean Age of Jesus Christ, showing the Truth was broken or hidden in symbolism and parable. The twelve inch ruler of measurement is in keeping with the 12 Solar Ages, comprising the Grand Solar Epoch of twenty-four thousand years, with the 12 signs of the zodiac, the twelve months of of the year, and the 12 cranial nerves of huwomankind.

Hence, there are twelve Cosmic Laws and Principles comprising the Wisdom of the Waterbearer of the Aquarian Age. Water is a symbol for Universal Spiritual Energy or Chi which can take on any form; a liquid, solid or gaseous state, just as Universal Spirit Energy can be in a myriad of states and forms. The Waterbearer of Aquarius, represented in the Sphinx, is the dispenser of divine knowledge of this Second Aquarian Age. And where is Wisdom to be found? It is hidden amidst the parables of the Holy Bible. The Bible being a compilation of symbols and myths from the preceding ten Olympic Ages, gathered together in the last and final covenant of parabolic symbolism where the Truth lies hidden. It is through the reproof of the Holy Parables of the Bible that the spirituous consciousness of Jesus is reborn and Osiris as well by resurrecting from Symbolism, the Cosmic Laws and Principles hidden there, revealing through the mathematics of the Great Pyramid, the very Essence of the Creator Himself. The Great Pyramid is a model of the Earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy, and of Man… “And All things are as One.” – Hermes Trismegistus


The Grand Pattern

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The Grand Pattern

What is the link that connects the twelve Solar Ages, each lasting two thousand years, in the Grand Solar Epoch of twenty-four thousand years, to that of our nature world? Why isn’t our Solar Epoch more or less? And why is it that our calendar year consists of twelve months and not some other number? Why is twelve half a day and twenty-four hours marks a day? There is a common thread that is found between the Solar Wheel of twelve Ages with the calendar cycle of the twelve month year. Just as there is a notable connection with a foot on a ruler comprised of twelve inches or twelve making a dozen. There is a grand pattern that repeats itself on many levels demonstrating the Unity of the Whole.

To quote Hermes, “As above so below, as within so without, the small is like the large, and All things are as One.” Twelve is a key number in the Grand Pattern that repeats itself over and over on many levels. Since the One is All there Is, the One can only recreate Itself to produce the negative polarity or recreative aspect of Itself in its feminine form. Hence, when the One joins with Itself in the feminine aspect of the Two, it creates an offspring in the Three, but in Truth, the One is the Three. So with the number twelve, when the 1 is added to the 2, it equals 3. Thus, twelve signifies the Unity of Whole being One.

It was the one inch measurement that was the mathematical unit utilized in the building of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh, which is a true emblem of Wisdom, for in its very construction are the mathematical measurements of our Solar System; the distances of the planets to the Sun, their elipses, the weight, diameter, radius of the Earth, etc., calculating all the mathematical vitae of our Planetary Solar System in its very design and construction. A veritable depository in stone of the Solar System calculations, showing the Unity of the Whole through its mathematics. The Masons, a fraternal order of mystics, whose ultimate goal is Self Realization in Enlightenment, were very much aware of this significance, utilizing the Pyramid with the All Seeing Eye of Wisdom at its apex in their regalia, and representing their order with the mathematical carpenter’s square and ruler, citing the Great Architects plan demonstrating the Unity of the Whole through the cosmic and natural order of the Grand Pattern.

The ancient civilization of the Mayans built their temples in pyramidal shapes in alignment with the Solar Cycle marking the solstices and equinoxes in their design construction. Being well aware that the sun played an important role not only in its life giving forces, but also its significance in cyclical order showing the Universe as unified in its wholeness.

Elements of the Grand Pattern are to be found within the human form also, linking humanity to the cosmos in a unique manner. “The small is like the large.” The heart center is likened to the Sun in the bodily form with the blood circulating the life principle through the organs representing the planets. There are twelve cranial nerves in the brain corresponding to the solar ages of the solar epoch. So mankind is a miniature of the Universal Whole, made in God’s Image; a duplicate of the Grand Pattern of the Universal, with each part of the human form being associated with one of the twelve signs of the zodiac – “As above, so below.”

Another interesting connection to note is the spirituous Covenant (Agreement) that is brought forth in this last Solar Age of the Solar Epoch, being the Second Aquarian Age, is given in twelve principles, each principle representing a spirituous aspect of the Universal Matrix of the Divine Solar Epoch. The vibratory names of these twelve principles are paramount in connecting to the Universal Creator at this time, since everything , including the final and last spirituous covenant, evolves unto mastery in this last and final Age of the Solar Wheel. With all thy getting, get Wisdom!

The Grand Solar Epoch


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The Grand Solar Epoch is approximately 24,000 years in correspondence to 24 hours in a day (As above so below), divided into twelve two thousand year Ages. It is interesting  to note 12 ages, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 months in a year, twelve lost tribes of Israel, 12 disciples of Jesus, twelve inches comprise a foot, 12 makes a dozen, etc.This 24,000 year Solar Cycle is how long it took our Sun to travel around its central sun (Ezekiel’s vision: wheel within a wheel). Since the creation of planet Earth, from its very tumultuous inception,  our planet  evolved to the point where life appeared as one cell organisms, culminating in present day life forms of a high order of intelligence.

It was at the start of this 24,000 year epoch that life had evolved to a point on this planet when the Light of Wisdom could incarnate in a physical form, once humanity had evolved in its intellectual development.  As the Universal Intelligence creates a planetary solar system to further its expression and experience of Itself, manifesting life forms that evolve from the lowest to the Highest in Mastery.  Thus at the beginning of this Solar Epoch, humanity’s consciousness was sufficiently developed and evolved and had created an awareness of Diety and the Divine.

So it was in the first two thousand year period or  Solar Age that the Light/Wisdom incarnated on the planet via birth through synchronization of the Solar Cycle with all the planets respective to that Age, aligning at their initial starting points of their elipses. Hence, it was on  a One Principle in alignment with the Solar Age and Cycle that the Diety  descends from the Cosmic Womb onto the Earth Plane among a family of relative spirits. For the birth of a Light Bringer must be in correspondence of Truth in all respects, it must fall on a One  vibration in relationship to the  Age, sign, month, day and time…all bearing out the truth of One in the Unity of the Whole. In accordance with the One vibration of Truth, it would occur in the Age of Aquarius, the first age, in January, the first month of the new solar year, on the 28th day, being the first ‘one’ vibration when you add the digits 2+8=10=1+0=1, as well as the moon’s cycle, at the 11th hour in the year 1909 which adds to one. The birth date of all the Lightbringers down through the Ages has been on January 28th, 1909 at 11  AM. Knowledge of the true birthdate has potent transcendental power to lift one’s consciousness, bringing one’s awareness in harmony with the Laws of Divine Creation. The mythical, symbolic date of Christ Mass was hidden in December 25th which set it in Capricorn, under the rulership of Saturn ( Satan ) and symbolized by the ram (the horns of the Devil ) creating holy magic or hypnotism, a state of ‘Unknowing’ in the consciousness of the masses. Hence, keeping humanity in deified holy-bondage to the truth of its own Being!

Down Through the Ages

Max Planx, the father of modern physics stated, “There is a great intelligence behind all this is.” Coming from a scientist that is a very telling statement, since the proof of any science is in its mathematics. The Great Intelligence he was speaking about might also be referred to as the Universal Mind, the Creator, Source, or simply It! By whatever term it’s given does little to alter the fact that it exists in its threefold aspects: omnipresent (present everywhere), omniscient ( all knowing) and omnipotent ( all powerful).

The Great Intelligence is liken to a matrix of all potential thought in that it encompasses all, is all, and is infinite in every respect. The great Hermetic axiom promulgated by Hermes, further illuminates aspects of this Great Intelligence:

“As above, so below

As within, so without

The small is like the large

And All things are as One.”

Our Solar System with its planetary rotations around the Sun, similar to the pattern found in the atom (small is like the large) demonstrates via mathematics, the unity of the whole through the numerological calculations of the solar and planetary cycles. The ancients were aware of this significance. Construction of their temples and pyramids were in alignment to the stars marking the equinoxes and solstices of the solar cycle. Our seasonal calendar being based on the Solar cycle, marks off the Solar passage from Darkness (Winter Solstice) into Light (Summer Equinox), or from ‘Unknowing into Knowing,’ while our holidays are linked to the solar and lunar cycles, Easter being the first Sunday after the Spring Equinox after the first full moon ( as above, so below).

Each year the Solar cycle of our seasonal calendar progresses through the astronomical zodiac of the heavens with much profound meaning. The Infinite Universal Intelligence demonstrates its current manifestation of being, via the energy that is poured forth through the planetary aspects of the Solar system in relation to place and time. This is the true significance of the science of astrology. The demonstration of the potential thought (consciousness) energy as it’s currently manifesting in the world. The planets represent various energy thought forms that are found in specific placement or ‘houses’ which represent where the energy potential is operating and as it interacts with certain ‘aspects’ or influences of other planets and signs. How the energy is affected by its position in the grand zodiac reflects how, when and what is transpiring on the world stage, in  one’s life, or even for a place, business or event. A chart shows the potential energy emanating from the matrix of Universal Intelligence. Since free will is operative, the astrological influences are not causative, but rather a signpost or signal as to how to proceed or wait in any given situation, depending on if the operating energies are favorable or not.

The true meaning of the Solar Cycle through its annual journey of the zodiac tells of the journey of each soul as it progresses from a state of unknowing and Darkness into an awareness of Self, into the Light and Knowing. And similarly, the Biblical stories of Jesus’ life are symbolic representations of each soul’s progression into Self Realization of the Christ ( Wisdom ) within, from the birth of the soul in a lowly manger ( the lower self), wandering in unknowing (of Self) in the desert…lack of ‘water’ (Wisdom), and coming into a Christ state of Enlightenment via the crucifixion (of the lower self).

How did humanity become so hood-winked into thinking the earth plane is the only reality and plane of existence? Quite simply in a word: cursed. A curse is to inflict harm or punishment and that’s exactly what transpired in ancient times when the truth of Cosmic Consciousness in realization of the Self within became hidden in allegorical myths, legends, symbols and parable of the various religions that evolved over time. This began in the second solar age of the Grand Solar Epoch ( a period of twenty- four thousand years) with Hermes, the Great Magician, who created the first symbolic representations of Universal Intelligence via a picture book called The Tarot. When the word tarot is placed on a circle it become rota or wheel. When Eziekel had his illumination he commented he saw “a wheel within a wheel.”

Humanity has become so hypnotized and mesmerized by the technology of Magog  (Unknowing mind-set) that it has failed to realize that huwomankind is a three-fold being, with each individual having three selves: a low (Ego) self, a subconscious self, and a High Self. This has been the function of religion, to hide the truth of the High Self from the consciousness of the masses. The purpose of the church was to teach the Little Mysteries or the symbol, but not to give knowledge of the Great Mysteries which are the Spirituous Principles and ancient sciences hidden beneath the symbols. In fact, it was the function of the church to put to death as a heretic, anyone possessing knowledge of the higher spirituous laws and truths. Fortunately, these ten Ages of Symbolic Religion, interestingly referred to as the Olympian Ages ( meaning ten) or the Lords of Hosts, are now over. We have entered into the enlightening Age of Aquarius in which all that has been hidden down through the Ages is being revealed.

Cursed with a Curse

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Humanity has been cursed with a curse. A dire statement to be sure, but upon examination it will become apparent what this truly means. Ages ago, at the beginning of the Solar Epoch, twenty-four thousand years ago, the time it takes our sun to travel around its sun, the planet witnessed the coming of the first Avatar during the first Age of Aquarius, a two thousand year period. Osiris was the first predestinate Avatar and Lightbringer and since words are a conductance of truth, Osiris’ name reveals his true identity. ‘O’ being a symbol for Infinity, ‘sir’ a title still used to address another, and the present tense of the verb to be, ‘is’, meaning ‘ancestor God is present.’ To further verify the truth of his being, his covenant is found in the Great Pyramid of Gizah,  a repository in stone of all the mathematical vita of our solar system; the ellipses of the planets around the sun, the dimensions of the Earth, etc. are all calculated into the very measurements of the Great Pyramid. The Unity of the Whole is demonstrated in the mathematics of the Solar System; hidden behind the numbers are the sacred principles of geometry and creativity, and these very measurements are calculated in the dimensions and structure of the Great Pyramid, which in truth is a depository in stone of Universal Wisdom. Hence, throughout the first Aquarian Age the truth of Cosmic Consciousness and Enlightenment was expounded by the ancients savants in the Great Pyramid, the first Mystery Temple, via the initiation of personages of high rank, usually kings and queens who had the responsibility of ruling great nations. This was an age of relative harmony and peace.

The next two thousand year Age was that of Capricorn ruled over by Hermes. Hermetic continues to mean ‘to seal off or close.’ And that was Hermes’ calling as Avatar of the second Age of the Solar Epoch. He took the Universal teachings of Osiris and hid them in symbols, creating the great mythogenesis of allegorical myths and symbols, referred to as The Tarot, a picture book of the Universal Matrix or Mind, thus ‘sealing off’ the truth in symbols. Knowing that the masses would always want to know their fortune and gamble to try their luck, the Wisdom was cunningly hidden in The Tarot from which our playing cards are descended. Thus, symbol worship was created in the representations which were passed on through subsequent Ages under the guise of the various religions which evolved through each of the Ages, ruled by an Avatar in sync with the zodiacal influence of the Age and designated to bring forth a Religious Symbolic Covenant in conjunction with the Age and Spiritual Principle manifesting during the course of that respect two thousand year period. Symbolic religious ceremonies and practices known as the ‘Little Mysteries’ were expounded down through the Ages, keeping humanity moving toward and ever increasing awareness of the Creator, but keeping the most important aspects of the Divine Self hidden amidst symbols, allegories, myths and world legends. This was the purpose of the church to teach the symbol and not the principle truths and sadly many innocent souls who had knowledge of the higher spiritual aspects were burned at the stake  as witches and heretics and put to death, as that was the function of the Church in teaching only the Little Mysteries ( of unknowing ), but not the Great Mysteries of Spirituous Laws and Principles.

Now that the zodiacal wheel has come full circle,  currently in this second and last Age of Aquarius, which like the first Age of Aquarius at the start of the Great Solar Epoch 24 thousand years ago, signals the Age of the Water Bearer, the symbol of Aquarius, hence the bearer of Wisdom, revealing all that has been hidden in religious symbolism. However, to continue to worship the old symbols and practices in an Age of Wisdom and Enlightenment, creates and brings a discordant and chaotic vibration of unknowing and destructive negativity down on the heads of the very worshipers who believe in the Letter of the Law but are asleep to the Spirituous Principles manifest behind the symbols. Hence the Curse or deadly harm that is rapidly increasing on the face of the Earth at this time is due to religious symbol worship, causing heinous crimes, diseases, terrorism and extreme weather, including the rampant fires which are uncontrollably decimating the land. It is parabolic sorcery that must be reproved to show the hidden truth behind the symbols and stop the mouths from spreading parabolic guile in this Age of Enlightenment to end this terrible curse of religious symbolism.

With all thy getting, get Wisdom!









Purposeful Intent: Posts on this site will hopefully give one food for thought as well as the soul in an attempt to shed light on many subjects long hidden amidst secretive symbols, allegories, world myths and parables. So what is it that’s been mysteriously veiled and kept deliberately hidden from the knowledge and understanding of the masses? In a word: Self. But I know myself you may be thinking; I know who I am, my likes and dislikes, fears, judgements and aspirations. No, that is not the self being referenced here, rather one’s true and Divine Self, which is quite a horse of a different color! So how did we get so mesmerized by our lower self into thinking that’s all there is…the constant cravings for more of everything and anything that one thinks will provide fulfillment and give satiety? In a word: cursed. Curse is the power to inflict harm or punishment. And that is the very essence of a symbol that hides the truth of Self from awareness.